Coming attractions March 3, 2015

1:00  Electricity Pricing and Why It Matters*

John Preston, Professor Emeritus, Eastern Michigan College of Technology

This talk explains the difference between power and energy and why residential customers are usually unaware of the value of electric power at different times of the day and the effect of time-of-day prices on the development of alternative energy sources.

2:30  Aging in Place

Barbara Franklin, Chair of the National Aging in Place Council

Aging in Place means staying where you are most comfortable, but it doesn’t happen by accident!  What does it take to plan and what kinds of resources are available to support successful aging in place?

*This program has been rescheduled from its original date on February 10.  Maxwell Mowery graciously relinquished the time of his scheduled China talk on March 3 to make it possible for Professor Preston to make his presentation before leaving the area for the year. We will enjoy Maxwell’s presentation next semester. The other cancelled program from Feb. 10, Know Your Snakes, will be rescheduled next winter when the snakes are again more docile.