January 2024 Newsletter

We are finally back! The holidays, the presidential visit, and MLK Day are all behind us and we can resume our programs at long last. Remember, we are at a new venue–The Charleston Atlantic Presbytery. (See maps at the bottom)

Folks, we have a lot of things going on, so this is a fat newsletter. Gird your loins!
Kristal Hudson-Randall, President
Center for Creative Retirement


Lifelong Learning Program (CALL)

CALL is about to kick off its Spring semester, and it’s a biggie! The term starts next month and there is a preview of the courses at our meeting on Feb 5th. The lineup is extensive and exciting–I know because I have had a sneak peek. Stay tuned for more information soon.

Book Group

The CCR Book Group meets the 1st Wed at 1pm at the Downtown Charleston Public Library. The upcoming books and dates are listed below. For more information, contact Jan Harman at 843-276- 5165 or

Feb. 7th            Heaven and Earth Grocery Store by James McBride
March 6th       The Trackers by Charles Frazier
April 3rd          Our Missing Hearts by Celeste Ng
May 1st            The Wager by David Gran
June 5th           The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verges

Trips & Tours

There is a lot going on with Trips & Tours! During the month of January 2024–You can still enjoy access to participating Museum Mile sites for only $35. Along a one-mile section of Meeting Street you will find 6 museums, 5 nationally renowned historic houses, 4 scenic parks, a Revolutionary War powder magazine, and an array of historic houses of worship and public buildings such as the Market and City Hall.

Here is a preview of the upcoming tours–Details are on the CCR website and you can sign up at any CCR meeting.

  • Sunday Feb 4 Pure Theatre – The Lehman Trilogy
  • Friday Feb 16 Plum Island Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Thursday Mar 7 Joint Base Charleston C17
  • Sunday Mar 17 Queen Street Playhouse – “Cadillac Crew”
  • Friday Apr 6 Charles Pinckney National Historic Site

Service in Action

The SIA team is collecting non-perishable food donations for local food pantries. Thank you for your generous donations for those in our community who need our help!

Committee Call Outs

The Social Committee needs your help. Please consider volunteering to join the committee. We need at least 2 more members as 2 people have retired. For more information contact Carol McLaughlin at

You’ll find $1 donations collection containers in the refreshments area. Your weekly donations are much needed and much appreciated to purchase food for the break. Please leave a donation if you can! You may also sign up to bring a food donation–either purchased or home-made–for the enjoyment of all.

Our New Location!


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