Coming Attractions 24 February 2015

To Hear Them Tell It: Memories of Growing Up in Charleston
Mary Coy, Author, Licensed Charleston Tour Guide

Mary Coy is a fourth-generation Charlestonian.  After being asked to write her own memories of growing up in Charleston, she realized what a wealth of Charleston memories were still untapped in folks all around her. Her book, To Hear Them Tell it: Memories of Growing Up in Charleston is a compilation of the stories she discovered when she tapped this wealth.  One of the persons whose memories she includes in her book is Marty Moseley, a treasured member of CCR.

Ukraine and Russia
Max Kovalov, Visiting Professor of Political Science, College of Charleston

The dispute between Russia and the Ukraine has been an ongoing issue in the news for many months.  This talk will consider the history of the relationship between Russia and the Ukraine and consider factors in going forward.