CCR is a volunteer organization.  We rely upon our members to keep CCR vibrant and interesting for our retired community.   Please join in by contacting the Committee Chairs listed below.
It’s not a lot of your time but you add a lot to CCR

Curriculum Committee
This is the heart of CCR where you create the programs and schedule the speakers.  You assure that we are learning new, different, and various things throughout the Fall and Winter/Spring Semesters. Easy to manage from your own home and laptop.
Chair: Raymond and Sherry Stewart…. raymonds.stewart@gmail.com or stewart_sherry@yahoo.com

Communications and Outreach Committee
We need your ideas and interest in increasing our membership through advertising, social media, newsletters, participation at community events, and outreach to other organizations.
Chair:  Catherine Langlois.  cathmlang@msn.com

LifeLong Learning – CALL Committee
Plan the curriculum and find presenters for peer-to-peer learning for 4-6 week classes in the Fall and Winter/Spring semesters.  Great way to learn more and spend more time with other CCR members.
Chair:  Diana Barth.  dianabarth09@gmail.com

Membership Committee
Welcome members to our Monday meetings, manage the registration and membership roster, and work with our Riley Center staff.
Chair:  Mary Hartwell

Service in Action Committee
Locate community-based service projects where members can contribute their time as a CCR group or on their own.  Make a real difference to others.
Chair:   Faye Seigel.  fayeseigel@aol.com

Social Committee 
Help set up and organize our meeting room and our social 1/2 hour.  You help plan our special events.  It should be lots of fun this year at our new Founders Hall location.
Chair:  Carol McLaughlin.   carolmclaughlin44@gmail.com

Trips and Activities Committee
Find those fun, interesting places and events for members to visit/tour in a small group or on their own.
Chair:  Bill Schwartz.   bschwartz1945@comcast.net

IT/Audio/Video/Web Committee
Are you technically savvy in any one of these areas? We could use your help to make our meetings go smoother and to improve our website
Chair:  Midge Moran   midgiemoran@gmail.com