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CCR happenings May 10, 2018

A lot is happening at CCR even though our regular Monday presentations have come to an end for this semester.

  1. Our annual election of officers takes place at the luncheon next week. For those of you who are not attending, Bronwyn Barron has sent instructions on how to obtain an absentee ballot. Note that it is too late to register for the luncheon. Walk-in registration is not open.
  2. CCR’s Charleston Academy for Lifelong Learning is offering six 4-week classes next month. Bronwyn has sent a copy of the CALL brochure and instructions on how to register online. If you are experiencing CCR withdrawal symptoms and will be here in June, this is an opportunity to take some mini-classes.
  3. The CCR bylaws call for oral reports from our standing committees at our annual business meeting and luncheon. To expedite the process, I have posted short written reports from our committees* and treasurer. All committees and members will have an opportunity to be recognized for their dedicated volunteer work in support of CCR. The strength of CCR is dependent upon our many committee members. If you are not a member this is an opportunity to help everyone, and to meet new and interesting people.
  4. The CCR website has been updated to include our Monday presentations in the Fall. Abstracts of the presentations will be available in the Events Calendar before CCR begins again on September 17th. You may also find the Charleston Academy for Lifelong Learning brochure and directions for registration on the Lifelong Learning tab.
  5. Do you know of any prospective CCR members for which our membership fee might be a financial burden? Current and prospective members can contact Bronwyn to receive free or reduced-price membership. Free membership will be completely anonymous except to Bronwyn. I will remind members before we meet again in the Fall.
  6. Our Trips committee is working on offering at least six trips next year. Most trips will be free or with a low fee. A couple are expected to be bus trips. One trip in the works is to the Maroons Cultural Heritage Day at Beidler Forest in February, which will compliment one of our talks on the Maroons in January.
  7. It might be a little early for those of us who do not even buy green bananas, but the CCR online registration is now available for the next academic year. Our aim is to have 100% online registration. Hopefully we will have computers and help at our registration desk in the Fall for those of us who may be computer challenged. Online registration is quick, uses credit cards, and greatly reduces transcription errors into our database.

* Note that the “ballot” in the Nominating Committee report is not the official ballot. Only the ballot providing by Bronwyn or the Nominating committee is official).

CCR Calendar Spring 2018

 Center for Creative Retirement Programs – Winter/Spring 2018

January 8, 2018
1:00 International African American Museum
Michael B. Moore, CEO, IAAM
2:30 Politics, Current Events & Brian’s New Book
Brian Hicks, Author, Columnist, Post & Courier

January 15 CofC Closed for Martin Luther King Holiday

January 22
1:00 Hemingway and the Hispanic World
Cathy Holmes, Sr. Inst., Eng. Dept., CofC
2:30 Cuba On the Horizon: Art of Roberto Diego
Mark Sloan, Dir., Halsey Museum

January 29
1:00 Convergence of Science and Religion
Todd LeVasseur, Prof. Relig. Studies., CofC
2:30 Ireland: And Now For Something Entirely Different
Maxwell Mowry, CCR Member

February 5
1:00 Next Campaign: Bigger Ideas/ Better Choices
John Preston, Prof. Emer. Eastern Mich. Univ.
2:30 Mission Possible
Tony Bartelme,, Special Projects Reporter, P&C

February 12
1:00 Charleston’s Innovators & Entrepreneurs
John Osborne, Exec. Admin., Charl. Angel Partners
2:30 The Supremes (AKA The U.S. Supreme Court)
John Culhane, Scholar in Residence, CofC

February 19
1:00 Spies in the Family
Eva Dillon, Author
2:30 Finding Messages in Imperial Art & Architecture
Michael Haga, Assoc. Dean, Sch. of the Arts, CofC

February 26
1:00 History of Tea in the Lowcountry
William Hall, Partner, Tea Tester, Charl. Tea Plantation
2:30 Charleston Port & Seafarers Society
Len Williams, Chaplain, CHAPPS

March 5
1:00 Lowcountry Maritime Society
Prentice Brower, Exec. Dir. LMS
2:30 Dorchester and Its Past
Ed West, Historian, Educator, Dorchester Museum

March 12
1:00 Mysteries of Jamestown
Joe Kelly, Prof. of Eng., CofC
2:30 S.C.’s Dynamic Coastline: A Geological Perspective
Kate Luciano, Coastal Geologist , DNR

March 19 CofC Closed for Spring Break

March 26
1:00 The Decline & Rise of Furniture Craftsmanship
Sam Sprouse, Owner, Charl. Woodworking School
2:30 Coming to America
Yuriy Bekker, Concertmaster, Charl. Symph.

April 2
1:00 3-D Printing
Stewart Flood, Makelab Charl.
2:30 Fossils and the Mace Brown Museum
Robert Bossenecker, Environ. Scientist, MBM, CofC

April 9
1:00 Putin’s Russia: From “The Time of Troubles” to the
Time of Trump
Max Kovalov, Adj. Prof. Pol. Sci., CofC
2:30 History of Sea Salt in the Lowcountry
Bertha Brooke, Owner, Paludier, Botany Bay Sea Salt

April 16
1:00 Local History, Humor & Observation
Tommy McQueeney, Author
2:30 Through the Photographer’s Lens
Mahmood Fazal, Dir., Charl. Cent. for Photog.

April 23
1:00 Behind the Ballet With Ballet Evolution
Jonathan Tabbert, Artistic Dir., Ballet Evolution
2:30 The Textile Artist
Arianne King-Comer, Textile Artist

April 30
1:00 Tensions Between Urban & Rural USA: Past & Present
George Hopkins, Prof. Emer. Hist., CofC
2:30 The Timeless Art of Pottery Making
Jean Gross, Pottery Demonstrator, Middleton Place

May 7
1:00 Redux Contemporary Art Center
Megan Colier, Educ. & Outreach Coordinator, Redux
2:30 MUSC Senior Mentor Program
Heather Boger, Program Director, MUSC

May 14
12:30 Social

The Center for Creative Retirement (CCR) invites individuals from diverse backgrounds to make presentations on a wide array of topics. The views
and opinions expressed by these presenters are not necessarily those either of CCR or the College of Charleston.

Coming Events

There will NOT be a CCR meeting November 20th during the college’s Thanksgiving break. You can always check our calendar at and select the calendar tab.

The CCR holiday luncheon will be on December 11th at our usual location and time. We will have a wine and cheese happy 1/2 hour starting at 12:30. Signup for the luncheon will begin at our next meeting on November 27th. The cost will be only $10. The menu is still TBD, but will include vegetarian and other options.

Board of Directors election

Report of the Nominating Committee

May 16, 2017

Mr. President and Members of the Governing Board: The Nominating Committee is comprised of the following CCR members, Dayle Fish (Chair), Waltraud Bastia and Karen Whitman, the Nomination Committee has nominated a slate for candidates per the CCR bylaws and presented them to the board in April 2017. The annual election was scheduled to be held at the annual CCR business meeting and luncheon scheduled May 16 2017.
The Election of officers was held as scheduled above and the Ballot consisted of the following nominated CCR members:
For the Governing Board:
President: Fred Rosenberg
Vice President: Anita (Del) Sisson
2cd Vice President: Stan and Karen Whitman
Treasurer: Wendy Fuhrmanek
Secretary: Anne Fortson
Social Chair (ex-officio, no vote required): Mary Hartwell
For Executive Board: Lois Ascroft, Barbara Biller, Fred Feldman, Jimmy Gapusan, Kathy Goebel, Kay Merchant, Judy Murdoch, Bob Stanzik, Charles Strauss, Maritza Strauss. The executive boards will be filled as such: From the Election, the five members receiving the most votes will serve on the 2017-2019 Executive board. The members receiving the 6th and 7th most votes will augment the 2016-2018 Executive board serve 1 year thus this brings both boards evenly to 5 members
As per preceding paragraph, the members receiving the top 5 number of Executive Board votes and serving 2 years are:
Judy Murdoch
Bob Stancik
Fred Feldman
Lois Ascroft
Charles Strauss
The members receiving the 6th and 7th most votes and serving for 1 year are:
Jimmy Gapusan
Marizita Strauss
I must note that during this election we successfully were able to offer the ability of absentee voting of which 5 CCR members took advantage, and the ability to provide proxy voting an item no member took advantage of.
This concludes my report.
Respectfully submitted,
Dayle I. Fish
Chairman Nomination Committee

CCR Fall 2017 calendar announced

Meetings will be on Monday afternoons starting in September 2017

September 11

1:00 Lorraine Lutton, CEO Roper St. Francis Hospital

2:00 Godfrey Gibbison, Dean of the Lowcountry Graduate School at the North Campus, followed by CCR’s Welcome Back Wine and Cheese Social

September 18

1:00 Discovering New Worlds

Joe Carson. Prof. Physics & Astron., CofC

2:30 A Turning Leaf Project Update

Amy Barch, Project Founder/Director

September 25

1:00 Life in the Yard: Behind the Scenes of the Big Houses in the Lowcountry

Christina Butler, Prof. Art & Architectural

History, CofC

2:30 Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Lowcountry History

Nic Butler, Historian, Archivist, Charleston. County Public Library

October 2 Board Meeting

1:00 Imaging Life on Earth

Phillip Manning, Prof. Geology & Environmental Science, CofC

2:30 Convergence of Religion and Science

Todd LeVasseur, Prof., Relig. Studies/ Environ. Sustainability Studies, CofC

October 9

1:00 Problems in Psycho–Oncology

Dean Schuyler, CCR Member and Psychiatrist

2:30 Listening, Learning, Sharing, and Grieving Your Way to a Life Lived Fully to the End

Jonathan Wright, Exec. Dir., Bridges for End-of-Life

October 16

1:00 Growing the Arts

Yvonne Broaddus, Pres. & Exec. Dir., Charleston’s Black Theatre

2:30 The Amazing Work of Marcus Amaker

Videographer, Graphic Designer and Charleston’s First Poet Laureate

October 23

1;00 Callie’s Charleston Biscuits

Carrie Bailey Morey-King, Owner, Street Entrepreneur and Baker Extraordinaire

2:00 Center for Women

Amy Brennan, Exec. Director

October 30

1:00 Last Successful Cavalry Charge

Mark Shambley, Veterinarian & History Buff

2:30 Black Fedora Comedy Club

Daryl/Sherry Wade, Owners & Producers

November 6

1:00 Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network

Lauren Rust, Founder, Exec. Director

2:30 Friendship Force International

Ritha Tuten, CCR Member/World Traveler

November 13

1:00 Charleston’s Bountiful Coast: Archaeology and Foodways in the Lowcountry

Martha Zierden,, Curator of Historical

Archaeology, The Charleston Museum

2:30 Nigerian Art

Ade Ofunniyin, Prof., Anthropology & Sociology, CofC

November 20 Thanksgiving Nov. 23

November 27

1:00 South African Highlights

Judy Murdoch, CCR Member/World Traveler

2:30 The Golden Princess

Sunita Hira, Author

December 4

1:00 Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

Mary Tutterow, Caregiver

2:30 Wicked Charleston

Mark Jones, Charleston Tour Guide

December 11

12:30 Social

Coming Attractions March 28, 2017

Charleston Schools
Gerrita Postlewait, Superintendent of the Charleston County School District, will discuss with us the challenges that impact this large and diverse district.  She will share with us strategies in meeting these challenges  and the vision she holds as the work moves forward.

Charleston’s American College of the Building Arts (ACBA)
Colby Broadwater, President of the American College of the Building Arts, will discuss his unique college.  It is the nation’s only four-year liberal arts and sciences college that educates and trains artisans in the traditional building arts. ACBA has now revitalized Charleston’s Old Trolley Barn, moved in, and is educating with the most up-to-date equipment and techniques possible.

Coming Attractions October 18, 2016

Porgy and Bess
Harlan Greene, native Charlestonian and Head of Special Collections at the College of Charleston’s Addlestone Library where the Dubose Heyward papers are housed, will share with us insights about one of his favorite subjects, Charleston’s iconic Porgy and Bess.

South Carolina State Ports Authority
Barbara Melvin, Senior Vice President of Operations and Terminals, SC State Ports Authority

The presentation will address:
Trends that are driving port business
Charleston harbor deepening
Managing bigger ships
Terminal updates
Vision 2020: Future of the port

Coming Attractions October 4, 2016

Lectures will be in room 221 on October 4th.

Everything You Wanted to Know About My Sister’s House, Inc. and More…
Executive Director of My Sister’s House, Elmire Raven, will discuss the services My Sister’s House provides, who is eligible for the services, and how one can refer victims for its services. She will also pursue with us the questions, Why does he abuse and why does she stay? You will be able to find out how you can volunteer and what the ongoing needs of this organization are.

Food, Shelter, Hope: Begin Again
There is an innovative approach to ending homelessness that has been proven by study after study to be among the most effective models. The key to success is the idea that housing is the starting line, not the finishing line to someone’s turn around. Join Brad Cashman from One 80 Place to find out more about how their organization removes barriers to help someone obtain housing.