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CCR Calendar Spring 2018

 Center for Creative Retirement Programs – Winter/Spring 2018

January 8, 2018
1:00 International African American Museum
Michael B. Moore, CEO, IAAM
2:30 Politics, Current Events & Brian’s New Book
Brian Hicks, Author, Columnist, Post & Courier

January 15 CofC Closed for Martin Luther King Holiday

January 22
1:00 Hemingway and the Hispanic World
Cathy Holmes, Sr. Inst., Eng. Dept., CofC
2:30 Cuba On the Horizon: Art of Roberto Diego
Mark Sloan, Dir., Halsey Museum

January 29
1:00 Convergence of Science and Religion
Todd LeVasseur, Prof. Relig. Studies., CofC
2:30 Ireland: And Now For Something Entirely Different
Maxwell Mowry, CCR Member

February 5
1:00 Next Campaign: Bigger Ideas/ Better Choices
John Preston, Prof. Emer. Eastern Mich. Univ.
2:30 Mission Possible
Tony Bartelme,, Special Projects Reporter, P&C

February 12
1:00 Charleston’s Innovators & Entrepreneurs
John Osborne, Exec. Admin., Charl. Angel Partners
2:30 The Supremes (AKA The U.S. Supreme Court)
John Culhane, Scholar in Residence, CofC

February 19
1:00 Spies in the Family
Eva Dillon, Author
2:30 Finding Messages in Imperial Art & Architecture
Michael Haga, Assoc. Dean, Sch. of the Arts, CofC

February 26
1:00 History of Tea in the Lowcountry
William Hall, Partner, Tea Tester, Charl. Tea Plantation
2:30 Charleston Port & Seafarers Society
Len Williams, Chaplain, CHAPPS

March 5
1:00 Lowcountry Maritime Society
Prentice Brower, Exec. Dir. LMS
2:30 Dorchester and Its Past
Ed West, Historian, Educator, Dorchester Museum

March 12
1:00 Mysteries of Jamestown
Joe Kelly, Prof. of Eng., CofC
2:30 S.C.’s Dynamic Coastline: A Geological Perspective
Kate Luciano, Coastal Geologist , DNR

March 19 CofC Closed for Spring Break

March 26
1:00 The Decline & Rise of Furniture Craftsmanship
Sam Sprouse, Owner, Charl. Woodworking School
2:30 Coming to America
Yuriy Bekker, Concertmaster, Charl. Symph.

April 2
1:00 3-D Printing
Stewart Flood, Makelab Charl.
2:30 Fossils and the Mace Brown Museum
Robert Bossenecker, Environ. Scientist, MBM, CofC

April 9
1:00 Putin’s Russia: From “The Time of Troubles” to the
Time of Trump
Max Kovalov, Adj. Prof. Pol. Sci., CofC
2:30 History of Sea Salt in the Lowcountry
Bertha Brooke, Owner, Paludier, Botany Bay Sea Salt

April 16
1:00 Local History, Humor & Observation
Tommy McQueeney, Author
2:30 Through the Photographer’s Lens
Mahmood Fazal, Dir., Charl. Cent. for Photog.

April 23
1:00 Behind the Ballet With Ballet Evolution
Jonathan Tabbert, Artistic Dir., Ballet Evolution
2:30 The Textile Artist
Arianne King-Comer, Textile Artist

April 30
1:00 Tensions Between Urban & Rural USA: Past & Present
George Hopkins, Prof. Emer. Hist., CofC
2:30 The Timeless Art of Pottery Making
Jean Gross, Pottery Demonstrator, Middleton Place

May 7
1:00 Redux Contemporary Art Center
Megan Colier, Educ. & Outreach Coordinator, Redux
2:30 MUSC Senior Mentor Program
Heather Boger, Program Director, MUSC

May 14
12:30 Social

The Center for Creative Retirement (CCR) invites individuals from diverse backgrounds to make presentations on a wide array of topics. The views
and opinions expressed by these presenters are not necessarily those either of CCR or the College of Charleston.

Coming Attractions: January 17, 2017

Week 2

January 17, 2017


Mount Pleasant On The Move

Mount Pleasant Mayor Linda Page will join us to discuss her city, Mount Pleasant, and to talk about the role of women in politics.



Independent Book Sellers

Jonathan Sanchez, owner of Blue Bicycle Books, will discuss his history with Blue Bicycle Books, and the ways the store has adapted to thrive in recent years. He will discuss the origins of YALLFest, and how it grew into the nation’s top young adult book festival, plus the work his staff does with young people and writing. Blue Bicycle Books has also found a way to express its own identity and brand, both through selling thousand-dollar rare books, to creative events, to finding more and more growth in new books in a time when print is supposedly dead.

Coming Attractions October 4, 2016

Lectures will be in room 221 on October 4th.

Everything You Wanted to Know About My Sister’s House, Inc. and More…
Executive Director of My Sister’s House, Elmire Raven, will discuss the services My Sister’s House provides, who is eligible for the services, and how one can refer victims for its services. She will also pursue with us the questions, Why does he abuse and why does she stay? You will be able to find out how you can volunteer and what the ongoing needs of this organization are.

Food, Shelter, Hope: Begin Again
There is an innovative approach to ending homelessness that has been proven by study after study to be among the most effective models. The key to success is the idea that housing is the starting line, not the finishing line to someone’s turn around. Join Brad Cashman from One 80 Place to find out more about how their organization removes barriers to help someone obtain housing.

Coming Attractions September 20, 2016

Hush Now, Baby
Hush Now, Baby
is an unforgettable memoir that was written to honor the thousands of African American women who reared so many white children in the segregated South. Yet the book also morphed into more than that, into lively discussions about “hushed” subjects: alcoholism, abuse, philandering and uncomfortable queries. Hear Angela Williams share the story of Eva, a story that took her 50 years to write.

Getting Started With Genealogy”
In his talk, Charlie Black will provide beginners with some good foundational skills and tools needed for genealogy research (how to start the research and how to keep focused and organized so that the effort feels less daunting) and will also offer some advice on where one might look for genealogical information.

Coming attractions May 10, 2016

May 10th is our last meeting for the academic year.  It consists of our Spring luncheon and annual business meeting, including election of officers for next year.

12:30  Wine and cheese social
1:00 Luncheon
Honoring scholarship winner
Election of officers

Committee reports
President’s report

Coming attractions April 26, 2016

Crime and Punishment
Scarlett Wilson, 9th Circuit Prosecuting Attorney, will give an overview of the state of the criminal justice system in South Carolina and the Ninth Judicial Circuit.  She will elaborate and enlighten the attendees with insight into decision making by prosecutors.

The Political Season
Brian Hicks, author, Post and Courier columnist and CCR regular, will talk about current events, social, cultural and political topics in South Carolina. He will also discuss his latest book profiling Mayor Joe Riley.

Coming Attractions April 19, 2016

Reading Partners in South Carolina Schools
Christine Messick, Community Engagement Manager for Reading Partners, notes that there is a literacy crisis in South Carolina.  Currently 4 out of 5 SC 4th graders from low-income families cannot read at grade level.  Reading Partners is empowering students to succeed in reading and in life by engaging community volunteers to provide individualized instruction to each student in the program.

Intervening During Heart Attack or Stroke
Fran Clasby, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Instructor for the American Heart Association, will demonstrate how CPR has evolved over time.

Coming attractions April 5, 2016

Live a Simply Healthy Life at Any Age:  three steps to Getting and Staying Healthy for Life
Getting and staying healthy can be overwhelming at any age or stage of life.  With all of the advice, research and sometimes conflicting information released each day, living a healthy life can seem complicated and impossible.  In her talk Jessi Andricks, yoga instructor, fitness coach and author, will cut through “the overwhelm” to give you three simple steps to living a healthy life.

What You May Not Know About Palliative Care
Our speaker is Dean Schuyler, member of CCR and Doctor of Psychiatry working in Geriatrics and Extended Care at Charleston’s Ralph H. Johnson V.A. Hospital in Charleston.
In 2010 Dr. Schuyler was hired to join a Palliative Care Team at the V.A. Hospital in Charleston.  In his talk he will describe Palliative Care: its history, the concept of life stages, the importance of spirituality, decision-making, establishing goals of care, and end-of-life planning.  He will describe the Palliative Care Team and speak about its impact on survival and then differentiate Hospice Care and Palliative Care.  He will speak about when in medical illness palliative care is relevant and offer an article on palliative care jointly written with an internist.

Coming Attractions March 15, 2016

Tri-County Veterans Support Network
Tim Taylor, an Army veteran himself, co-founded this organization in reaction to witnessing the hardships that other veterans have experienced as they transition home.

Successful Aging: Maintaining a Healthy Brain
Heather Collins, Head of the Behavioral and Social Sciences Department at Trident Technical College, asks, “Did you know you have control over how your brain ages?” Learn what you can do to engage in successful aging and keep your brain healthy. We’ll discuss how the brain deteriorates over time, what causes the damage, and physical, nutritional and cognitive activities to benefit your brain.

Coming Attractions February 16, 2016

The Turning Leaf Project
Amy Barch will talk with us about the program she has founded which helps incarcerated offenders successfully navigate back into society as productive members when they are released from prison. The program involves six months of 18 hour a week classes in such areas as behavioral therapy and financial planning. It has achieved national attention for its successful outcomes and the hope it offers to what has long been seen as an intractable dilemma.

Taming and Enjoying Technology
Larry Brock of Setup-On Demand will provide an overview of the technology commonly available and used by many of us, including smart phones, computers, tablets, and the many devices designed to enhance our lives. He will talk about how to determine what devices you need, and how to use them effectively, efficiently, and securely.