Coming Attractions January 12th, 2016

Vision for the College of Charleston’s School of Languages, Cultures & World Affairs (LCWA)
Dean Antonio Tillis will give an overview of LCWA and its role at the College of Charleston. He will address how the mission of the school meets the needs of an increasingly interconnected world. He will specifically address globalization as it relates to world affairs and a shrinking economy.

Fort Sumter 1829-1947
Rick Hatcher, Fort Sumter Historian Emeritus, will discuss the famous fort in Charleston’s harbor. The April 12-13, 1861 bombardment of Fort Sumter marked a defining moment in American History – the beginning of the Civil War. Sumter was one of the coastal fortifications built after the War of 1812. During the 1863 to 1865 Siege of Charleston (the longest military operation of the war) the fort was the focal point; more than 7 million pounds of artillery rounds were fired at the installation. After the war, Fort Sumter continued to operate as one of the nation’s coastal defenses through the end of the Second World War.