Coming Attractions: February 7, 2017

Week 5

February 7, 2017


Social Media 101

Jennifer Lively, Charleston County Libraries’ Tech Team Manager, will talk with us about senior Americans’ participation in social media.  She notes that though seniors lag behind other age groups in participation, they are jumping aboard Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more as they realize it is fun and provides real results.  In her presentation Jennifer Lively shows how popular social network platforms can help you share links, photos, video news and status updates with your family, friends and a growing number of contacts.



Meeting Street Schools: Rethinking, Redesigning and Reinventing How We Prove the Possible for Charleston’s Most Under-Resourced Children

Without the chance to receive a quality education, the promise of the American dream quickly begins to fade.  Addressing this inequity is what we are all about at Meeting Street Schools (MMS): the fundamental belief that all children deserve the opportunity to achieve their version of the American dream.  In order for that dream to be realized, a great education is not a luxury but a requirement.  Amy Mims, Executive Director of MMS, will discuss this Charleston program with us.