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Coming Attractions: March 28, 2017

Week 12

March 28, 2017


Charleston Schools

Gerrita Postlewait, Superintendent of the Charleston County School District, will discuss with us the challenges that impact this large and diverse district.  She will share with us strategies in meeting these challenges  and the vision she holds as the work moves forward.



Charleston’s American College of the Building Arts (ACBA)

Colby Broadwater, President of the American College of the Building Arts, will discuss his unique college.  It is the nation’s only four-year liberal arts and sciences college that educates and trains artisans in the traditional building arts. ACBA has now revitalized Charleston’s Old Trolley Barn, moved in, and is educating with the most up-to-date equipment and techniques possible.

Coming Attractions: March 14, 2017

Week 10

March 14, 2017


Mythology and the Celtic Revival

This talk by Joe Kelly, Professor of Irish American Studies at the College of Charleston, “will begin with a brief introduction to Irish mythology – some main character and stories, its oral origins, and the history of its first being recorded in writing.  We will then proceed to more “modern” Irish history in the great struggle to overthrow British colonial rule.  I will emphasize especially the central movement at the turn of the last century known as the Celtic Revival, which led, ultimately to the Easter Rising of 1916.”



The Cigar Factory

Michele Moore, author of The Cigar Factory, will join us to discuss her novel, which paints a picture of workers’ lives –  both black and white and both in and out of the iconic Charleston factory. She will share her inspiration for the book and the historic research she did in creating it.  As a result, we will gain an appreciation for the  deeper historic significance of what is now a newly refurbished commercial space at East Bay and Columbus Streets.

Coming Attractions: March 7, 2017

Week 9

March 7, 2017


A Normal Life: Syrian Refugees in Istanbul

More than 3 million Syrians have sought refuge in Turkey, 300,000 of them in Istanbul alone. The Yusra Community Center where I volunteered in June/July 2016 illuminates the refugee experience, efforts to relieve their suffering, and the kind of daily attention that tries to re-build a normal life.



I SEE YOU:  Celebrating Women’s History

2016 marked the 20th year in which women have been part of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets at the Citadel.  Dr. Connie Ledoux Book, first female Provost at The Citadel, will share her experiences and thoughts relating to women’s history.

Coming Attractions: February 21, 2017

Week 7

February 21, 2017
Estate Administration and the Probate Process
Irvin G. Condon, Judge of Probate for the County of Charleston, will discuss with us estate planning and the workings of the Probate Court.
Six Miles to Charleston
In 1819, a young man outwitted death at the hands of John and Lavinia Fisher and sparked the hunt for Charleston’s most notorious serial killers. Bruce Orr, former homicide investigator and author of Six Miles to Charleston follows the story of the Fishers, from the initial police raid on their Six Mile Inn with its reportedly grisly cellar to the murderous couple’s incarceration and execution at the squalid Old City Jail. Yet there still may be more sinister deeds left unpunished, an overzealous sheriff, corrupt officials and documents only recently discovered all suggest that there is more to the tale. Orr uncovers the mysteries and debunks the myths behind the infamous legend of the nation’s first convicted female serial killer.

Coming Attractions: February 7, 2017

Week 5

February 7, 2017


Social Media 101

Jennifer Lively, Charleston County Libraries’ Tech Team Manager, will talk with us about senior Americans’ participation in social media.  She notes that though seniors lag behind other age groups in participation, they are jumping aboard Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more as they realize it is fun and provides real results.  In her presentation Jennifer Lively shows how popular social network platforms can help you share links, photos, video news and status updates with your family, friends and a growing number of contacts.



Meeting Street Schools: Rethinking, Redesigning and Reinventing How We Prove the Possible for Charleston’s Most Under-Resourced Children

Without the chance to receive a quality education, the promise of the American dream quickly begins to fade.  Addressing this inequity is what we are all about at Meeting Street Schools (MMS): the fundamental belief that all children deserve the opportunity to achieve their version of the American dream.  In order for that dream to be realized, a great education is not a luxury but a requirement.  Amy Mims, Executive Director of MMS, will discuss this Charleston program with us.

Coming Attractions: January 24, 2017

Week 3

January 24, 2017


The New Gibbes Museum

Our speaker today, Angela Mack, is executive director and chief curator for the Gibbes Museum of Art, which has undergone a $14M building renovation and opened to the public on May 28th.  Angela will share with us insights about its past, its present and its future.



Lake Superior and the Wolves of Isle Royale

Due to its isolation, Isle Royale is the least visited National Park.  It lies in the heart of the largest fresh water lake in the world, Lake Superior.  It is home to the longest, continuous, predator prey research program that’s just celebrated its 50th year. Wendy Fish, our presenter, is a member of CCR and a native Minnesotan who has been fascinated with wolves and the research project related to them.   This has led her to create a PowerPoint presentation utilizing the data collected and setting it to music.



Coming Attractions: January 17, 2017

Week 2

January 17, 2017


Mount Pleasant On The Move

Mount Pleasant Mayor Linda Page will join us to discuss her city, Mount Pleasant, and to talk about the role of women in politics.



Independent Book Sellers

Jonathan Sanchez, owner of Blue Bicycle Books, will discuss his history with Blue Bicycle Books, and the ways the store has adapted to thrive in recent years. He will discuss the origins of YALLFest, and how it grew into the nation’s top young adult book festival, plus the work his staff does with young people and writing. Blue Bicycle Books has also found a way to express its own identity and brand, both through selling thousand-dollar rare books, to creative events, to finding more and more growth in new books in a time when print is supposedly dead.

Coming Attractions: December 6, 2016

Week 11

December 6, 2016 (Board Meeting)


Sonny Dugal “My Eye On Burma”

Photographs of Sonny Dugal’s trip to Bruma in 2015 — Sonny was born in Burma and thus offers some novel insights into Burma (also known as Myamar).


Peter Kfoury, musician and chiropractor, returns to CCR to share with us the range of  wonderful music that can be played on the Oud, early ancestor of today’s guitar.

Remember that December 6th is the last day to sign up for the December luncheon on December 13, 2016.

Coming Attractions November 29, 2016

Week 10

November 29, 2016


Estate Planning: Wills, Living Trusts, Probate and Nursing Home Protection

John Kuhn, Attorney and founding partner of Kuhn & Kuhn Law Firm

John Kuhn is a noted speaker on issues that affect our lives and state as well as matters related to estate planning.  Today he will address a range of issues, among them the advantages and disadvantages of wills, living trusts and probate and ways of maintaining your privacy and protecting your estate against a living probate if you become disabled.  These and numerous other topics will be addressed in this two-part talk.



Estate Planning continued.


**Don’t forget to sign up for the holiday luncheon on December 13th.