Coming Attractions Feb 23, 2016

Putin’s Design for Russia
Norman Pereira, Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies and History at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia says that during Vladimir Putin’s 15 years in power he has gone from being seen in the West as an ally, notably during 9/11, to an arch villain who draws comparisons with Stalin and Hitler.  To what extent are his behaviors and policies responsible for this change in perception and to what extent are the changing geo-political dynamic for the West responsible?  He will address this and other issues in his talk.

A Living Composer
Edward Hart, Professor of Music and Chair of the Department of Music at the College of Charleston will examine the inspiration and “anatomy” of his violin concerto Under an Indigo Sky which he wrote for Yuriy Bekker.  He describes it as a love letter to his home state of South Carolina, this relatively small place with amazing natural and cultural diversity.    He has attempted to capture musically three distinct yet related regions of our state with an eye not only to the landscapes, but to the feel and “soul” of the place.