Weekly Presentations Fall 2022

Welcome back to CCR. All meetings take place at the ECPI University building at 3800 Paramount Drive in North Charleston, the same building we used to meet at when it was the College of Charleston North Campus.

Here is CCR’s program schedule for the Fall of 2022.

Sept. 12, 2022
Gibbes Knotts
H. Gibbs Knotts - College of Charleston
What to Expect in the 2022 Midterm Elections
Dr. Gibbs Knotts
returns to CCR with his comprehensive, and entertaining, analysis of this election.  There is so much to consider in the results, both nationally and in South Carolina, and Dr. Knotts will give us perspective on the issues, results and future.
Sept. 12, 2022
Cheryl Irwin

Fifteen Years at the Pentagon
A firsthand look and experience from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Office of Public Affairs Press Office in the Pentagon–from the late 1990s to 2013. This look examines what the press office does in support of the Secretary of Defense, the media and the Executive Branch. To include an insider’s view of the 9/11 attacks and the “battle rhythm” of the months and years after the attack.
Sept. 19, 2022
Hal Perry
Water Mission / Ukrainian Support
Within days of the conflict in Ukraine Water Mission sent assessments teams to border crossings in Poland and Romania. Water Mission has partnered with local churches and NGO’s to help the basic needs including safe water, and sanitation. Water Mission has already sent safe water systems to Poland and is coordination with the humanitarian community to prepare for recovery efforts inside Ukraine once the fighting ends
Sept. 19, 2022
Rachelle Hall
Volunteering with Communities in Schools
The mission of Communities In Schools is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Rachelle Hall* will provide participants with an overview of how Communities in Schools South Carolina accomplishes this through our evidenced based model and how you can help support our mission as a volunteer mentor or tutor within the local school district.
* Aimee Lassor was originally scheduled to speak but was infected by Covid.

Sept. 26, 2022   NO CCR

Oct. 3, 2022
Nolan Schillerstrom
Nolan Schillerstrom | Audubon South Carolina
Audubon / Crab Bank 
The coast of South Carolina is brimming with amazing beaches and marshes that coastal birds call home. These places are becoming scarcer every year with human development and sea level rise pressures. Audubon South Carolina works to ensure birds have the places they need today and in the future by rebuilding and stewarding island such as Crab Bank Seabird Sanctuary, and education the beaching public about how to share the beach with migrating and nesting shorebirds.
Oct. 3, 2022
Diana Barth
Fall 2022 CALL Classes
Come to hear the descriptions of the coming CALL classes.
Oct. 10, 2022
James Lundy
On its 100th birthday, Poetry Society of South Carolina gets a romp of a read | Columnists | postandcourier.com
History of the Poetry Society of SC
The Poetry Society of South Carolina is the oldest state poetry society in the United States. Founded in 1920, the PSSC has hosted famous poets such as Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Billy Collins, James Dickey, Ogden Nash, Thornton Wilder, and hundreds more. The story of the founding of the Society is a fascinating one as is the story of its perseverance to remain in operation for more than 100 years. This presentation will talk about the story of the Society, the luminaries who have read before the membership, the scandals, suicides, and there’s even a murder.
Oct. 10, 2022
Cindi May
Cynthia MAY | Professor (Full) | PhD | College of Charleston, Charleston | C of C | Department of Psychology
The Aging Brain: What changes with Age and What We Can Do about It
Just like the rest of our bodies, our brains change with age. Although there is variability in these changes in terms of rate of age-related decline across individuals, there is also consistency in the kinds of tasks that become more challenging. We’ll talk about what happens to the brain during “normal aging” and what we can do to compensate for age-related decline.
Prof. May has kindly shared the PowerPoint file she used for her presentation.
Oct. 17, 2022
John Curro
3-D printers… Robotic Machinery… and Laser Etching, Oh My!
This presentation will have on-site live demonstrations of these modern industrial machines for you to experience in person. You’ll gain insight into their current uses, as well as allow you to better appreciate where these new technologies might show up next.
Oct. 17, 2022
2:30-3:30                             George Dickinson

The American Way of Dying and Death
This talk will examine the American Way of Dying and Death and provide an historical overview of death and bereavement in the United States from 1600 to the present.  Prof. Dickinson is a leading authority on death and dying and supports the study of death and dying because it can help us to understand and accept the normalcy of the process.

Oct. 24, 2022
1:00–2:00 and 2:30-3:30
Richard Winett
Resistance Training for Health, Disease, Prevention & Functioning 
Resistance training based on considerable research evidence can be simple, brief, and safe and heavy weights are not required. Consistent training does require planning and other routine self-regulation strategies. Long term resistance training can reduce the risks of metabolic disorders such as diabetes, heart disease, cancers, and improve physical and cognitive functioning.
Oct. 31, 2020
Tom Lewis
and Diana Mullis
MUSC Psychiatric Behavioral & Addiction Program

Across the United States, individuals are recognizing the importance of mental health and recovery. According to the American Psychiatric Association, the economic burden of major depression alone among adults was $236 billion dollars in 2018. Similarly, the impacts of severe addiction and substance misuse have large consequences for many individuals and their families. In this brief presentation, we will review several common mental health and substance use concerns among adults. We will also highlight how to identify someone who may be experiencing a mental health or substance-related concern, and we will discuss treatment options that are available here in the Charleston community. Finally, we will offer suggestions about how to get involved in becoming an advocate for individuals in our community who need mental health and substance use treatment.


Oct. 31, 2022
Kelly Thorvalson
and Melissa Ranly

Saving Sea Turtles in a Changing Landscape

Increased coastal populations and rapid environmental changes pose a significant threat to sea turtles across the globe and traditional conservation strategies may not be sufficient to save these threatened and endangered species. In addition to rehabilitating sick and injured sea turtles in our Sea Turtle Care Center, the South Carolina Aquarium is working to proactively mitigate environmental risk factors impacting sea turtles in the wild. Join us to discover how you can help us protect sea turtles into the future.
Nov. 7, 2022
Courtney PlotnerNon Profit Minute - Courtney Plotner, Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired SC - Who's On The Move
Blindness and Visual Impairment in Our Community
The Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired SC’s (ABVI) mission is to enrich the quality of life for the blind and visually impaired. ABVI accomplishes this through a full range of vision rehabilitation training services, which allow clients to live safely and independently with vision loss. This presentation will cover how people living with vision loss can live, learn and earn, and what responsibility our community has to support these services.
Nov. 7, 2022
2:30 – 3:30
Denis Blyth
The History and Ongoing Preservation of the Morris Island Lighthouse
Accelerated erosion has swept the beach out from under the historic Morris Island Lighthouse, leaving it vulnerable to a dynamic coastal environment. Join local nonprofit, Save the Light, for a presentation on the history and unique preservation challenges faced by this iconic Charleston landmark.
Nov. 14, 2022
Adrian Swinton
and Chloe Stuber
Racial Equality in the City of Charleston
The presentation will involve overlay story maps that demonstrate the ways the city’s demographics have been shaped by race. The presenters will also consider recent efforts to address the long-standing racial inequities in Charleston.
Nov.14, 2022
2:30 – 3:30
Cayce Tangeman
Coastal Carolina Research Center
Dr. Tangeman will explain what Coastal Carolina Research does. She will introduce the team, explain what clinical research is, what it is like to be in a study. She will highlight for us the studies which are currently being conducted as well as provide information about those studies that are coming soon.

Nov 27, 2022      Happy Thanksgiving

 Nov. 28, 2022
Lauren Rust
Are You a Good Neighbor?
Come learn about our true water neighbors, our local bottlenose dolphins. The talk will focus on the marine mammals we see off South Carolina, the threats they face and what we (the Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network) are doing to help protect them.
Nov. 28, 2022
Ronald Neil
ECPI University: Changing Lives Through Educational Opportunities
A discussion will be provided on the history of ECPI University, the mission of the University and the impact on the community.
Dec. 5, 2022
Catherine Nelson
Those Who Remain
Catherine Nelson will identify ancient indigenous cultures of South Carolina. Learn what happened to them and where they went.  Or did they actually leave? Discover who and where the indigenous tribes of SC are today?
Dec. 5, 2022
Jan Goldman
Now headquartered at The Citadel: "International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence" - The Citadel Today
Ethical Espionage and National Security
Should there be rules to conduct spying for national security? This presentation from Citadel Professor Jan Goldman explores the professionalization of espionage and covert operations in support of U.S. foreign policy.
Dec. 12, 2022

Holiday Celebration 

CCR’s Holiday Celebration luncheon and entertainment will take place at ECPI.