Weekly Presentations Fall 2021

The CCR Curriculum Committee put together a varied and entertaining series of talks for the virtual Fall 2021 CCR Speaker series. Our semester is over, but you can still watch what you missed by clicking the links to the recordings of our Zoomed presentations.
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We kick off our Fall 2021 on September 13, 2021 with a blockbuster speaker: the former mayor and Professor of American Government and Policy at The Citadel, Joseph P Riley, Jr, in a talk titled Joseph P. Riley, Jr, Mayor of Charleston 1975-2016. Joseph Riley will share stories about Charleston’s transformation during his tenure from a decaying urban center to a top cultural destination. He helped diffuse racial tension by working closely with the African American community. After hurricane Hugo, his crisis leadership got Charleston quickly cleaned up and functioning again.
On September 20, 2021, our second speaker is Dr. Antoinette Biegaj, Doctor of Chiropractic and founder of Family Wellness Chiropractic. We have all been under stress during this past year. Dr. Biegaj will tell us how to Win the Battle of Stress with BrainTap. What is BrainTap and how does it work? Come find out!
I can’t find my keys! Where did I leave them? Did this memory lapse ever happen to you? Perhaps our next speaker can help with our memory problems. Daniel Greenberg is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology, College of Charleston. He is going to help us understand The Mysteries of Memory on September 27, 2021.
If your grandchild is good at sports, he/she will probably have multiple colleges recruiting him/her to come to their school. But what if he/she is good with people or good with their hands or good in technical areas? Who is going to come recruiting him/her? In his presentation on October 4, 2021, Tallo: What If We Treated College and Career Recruiting Like Athletics? Casey Welch will present a new way of thinking about connecting high school students with college and career opportunities.
What does Irish history have to do with Irish poetry? On October 11 Diana Barth will tell us about William Butler Yeats unique worldview. What were the forces behind his words?
As a member and board member of the South Carolina Historical Society and almost every other historical and preservation society in South Carolina, William Davies, Jr. knows a lot about South Carolina history. On October 18, 2021, Mr. Davies will tell us about South Carolina’s plans for the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution and the Liberty Trail.
Scott Curtis is the director of the new Lt. Col. James B. Near, Jr., USAF, ’77 Center for Climate Studies, The Citadel. The center plans to involve The Citadel faculty across disciplines in climate research. Some of the areas the center plans to research are potential flooding fixes, environmental health issues, water quality, identifying dangerous microbes and microplastics in flood water and changing climate affects on national security. Scott Curtis will speak to us on October 25, 2021, about The Citadel’s Climate Center: Working with the Lowcountry to Identify and Manage Climate Threats.
Scott has graciously provided answers to the questions he was not able to address during his presentation. 
Have you noticed all the “Help Wanted” signs in restaurants from fast food to the upscale? Xan McLaughlin, Operating Partner of The Park Café and Co-Founder of Bread + Butter nonprofit, recognized this problem long before the corona virus lock downs made the staffing problems obvious to everyone. Xan McLaughlin had a solution for the problem with his non-profit Bread + Butter. On November 1, 2021, he will talk to us about Bread + Butter the (hopeful) Solution to the Hospitality Staffing Crisis.
We can all use a little more happiness. On November 8, 2021, Rhonda Swickert, Professor, Department of Psychology, College of Charleston, in her presentation, The Importance of Gratitude in Enhancing Happiness, will explore the challenges of experiencing and expressing of gratitude.
Robert Rosen, writer, historian, lecturer, and attorney, on November 15, 2021, will tell us what it is like Writing History in 2021. Robert Rosen is a member of the board of the South Carolina Historical Society and the Historic Charleston Foundation.
East Cooper Meals on Wheels has served homebound seniors in the East Cooper area for over 35 years. Their president and CEO George Roberts will help us understand the challenges they faced during the pandemic and the new “normal” coming out of the pandemic. George Roberts presentation on November 22, 2021, will be Meals On Wheels – Misperceptions and Reality
November 29, 2021, there will be no CCR.
Maxwell Mowry Our final speaker of the Fall 2021 semester is no stranger to CCR members. Maxwell Mowry has visited 60 countries and has spoken to CCR about several of them in the past. On December 6, 2021, Maxwell will take us on a virtual tour of Mongolia.
The last event of the year on December 13, 2021, will be an Open House at our new venue Founders Hall at the Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site, 1500 Old Towne Road, Charleston, SC 29407. Guests must register in advance.