Member Activities

CCR members are very active in all sorts of interesting endeavors. If you belong to a group or want to organize a group that you think that other CCR members would be interested in, such as a photography group, band, painting class, bike group, ice climbing cadre, snake charming circle, etc., this page provides an opportunity to organize.

The CCR Acoustic Music Activity will meet once a month, for 2 hrs. The music session will be led by a coordinator, and participants will go around in a circle, taking turns to sing/play a song of their choice. Others can try to play along if they can. People will be encouraged to share their song sheets. If you have a guitar or banjo sitting in a closet, which you haven’t touched for 25 years, now is the time to dig it out and get started again. If you have just started learning to play a ukelele, bring it to the jam session and begin to play with others.
Contact: Art Klein