CCR happenings May 10, 2018

A lot is happening at CCR even though our regular Monday presentations have come to an end for this semester.

  1. Our annual election of officers takes place at the luncheon next week. For those of you who are not attending, Bronwyn Barron has sent instructions on how to obtain an absentee ballot. Note that it is too late to register for the luncheon. Walk-in registration is not open.
  2. CCR’s Charleston Academy for Lifelong Learning is offering six 4-week classes next month. Bronwyn has sent a copy of the CALL brochure and instructions on how to register online. If you are experiencing CCR withdrawal symptoms and will be here in June, this is an opportunity to take some mini-classes.
  3. The CCR bylaws call for oral reports from our standing committees at our annual business meeting and luncheon. To expedite the process, I have posted short written reports from our committees* and treasurer. All committees and members will have an opportunity to be recognized for their dedicated volunteer work in support of CCR. The strength of CCR is dependent upon our many committee members. If you are not a member this is an opportunity to help everyone, and to meet new and interesting people.
  4. The CCR website has been updated to include our Monday presentations in the Fall. Abstracts of the presentations will be available in the Events Calendar before CCR begins again on September 17th. You may also find the Charleston Academy for Lifelong Learning brochure and directions for registration on the Lifelong Learning tab.
  5. Do you know of any prospective CCR members for which our membership fee might be a financial burden? Current and prospective members can contact Bronwyn to receive free or reduced-price membership. Free membership will be completely anonymous except to Bronwyn. I will remind members before we meet again in the Fall.
  6. Our Trips committee is working on offering at least six trips next year. Most trips will be free or with a low fee. A couple are expected to be bus trips. One trip in the works is to the Maroons Cultural Heritage Day at Beidler Forest in February, which will compliment one of our talks on the Maroons in January.
  7. It might be a little early for those of us who do not even buy green bananas, but the CCR online registration is now available for the next academic year. Our aim is to have 100% online registration. Hopefully we will have computers and help at our registration desk in the Fall for those of us who may be computer challenged. Online registration is quick, uses credit cards, and greatly reduces transcription errors into our database.

* Note that the “ballot” in the Nominating Committee report is not the official ballot. Only the ballot providing by Bronwyn or the Nominating committee is official).