Coming attractions April 5, 2016

Live a Simply Healthy Life at Any Age:  three steps to Getting and Staying Healthy for Life
Getting and staying healthy can be overwhelming at any age or stage of life.  With all of the advice, research and sometimes conflicting information released each day, living a healthy life can seem complicated and impossible.  In her talk Jessi Andricks, yoga instructor, fitness coach and author, will cut through “the overwhelm” to give you three simple steps to living a healthy life.

What You May Not Know About Palliative Care
Our speaker is Dean Schuyler, member of CCR and Doctor of Psychiatry working in Geriatrics and Extended Care at Charleston’s Ralph H. Johnson V.A. Hospital in Charleston.
In 2010 Dr. Schuyler was hired to join a Palliative Care Team at the V.A. Hospital in Charleston.  In his talk he will describe Palliative Care: its history, the concept of life stages, the importance of spirituality, decision-making, establishing goals of care, and end-of-life planning.  He will describe the Palliative Care Team and speak about its impact on survival and then differentiate Hospice Care and Palliative Care.  He will speak about when in medical illness palliative care is relevant and offer an article on palliative care jointly written with an internist.