Coming Attractions November 10, 2015

There’s Something About Mary:  Evolution of the Representation of the Mother of Jesus Through the Ages
Robert Westerfelhaus, Professor in the Department of Communication at the College of Charleston, will trace the evolution of Mary from a poor Jewish woman living among a conquered people on the fringes of the Roman Empire to her current place at the center of religious devotion on the part of millions.  This talk will point out the economic, cultural, religious and social implications of this devotion in the past and its continued influence today.

Charleston’s Mayoral Race
Our presenter will be Kendra Stewart, Professor of Political Science at the College of Charleston and Director of the Joseph P. Riley Center for Livable Communities.  Dr. Stewart will discuss the issues facing Charleston with which the next mayor will have to contend after more than 40 years of leadership by Mayor Riley.  Charleston will be facing a new era with many new challenges that will require our new mayor to hit the ground running.