Fall 2015 Calendar

The CCR program schedule for next semester has been announced. It promises to be the most exciting one ever, with our kickoff starring a question and answer with the Charleston mayoral candidates.

September 15
1:00 Orientation + Wine & Cheese
2:00 Charleston Mayoral Candidates

September 22
1:00 The Hunley
Brian Hicks, Author
2:30 A Personal Journey
Ken Lam, CSO Director

September 29
1:00 Changing Nature of War in Africa
Chris Day, Prof. Pol. Sci., CofC
2:30 Impressions of the Low Country
Billie Smith, Edisto Artist

October 6
1:00 Vision for the CofC’s Languages, Cultures & World Affairs Dept.
Antonio Tillis, Dean, LCWA, CofC
2:30 Buddhist Mindfulness and Detachment
Louise Doire, Sr. Inst., Relig. Stud., CofC

October 13
1:00 New Views of Our Solar System
Cassandra Runyon, Prof. Geology & Environmental Geosciences, CofC and Dir. SC Space Grant Consortium & SC NASA
2:30 A Sporting Life
Ken Burger, Charleston Author

October 20
1:00 Balance and Fall Prevention
Tomas Mendez, Wellness Director, Franke at Seaside
2:30 The Art of Food Writing
Hanna Raskin, Food Writer & Lead Critic, Post & Courier

October 27
1:00 Vampires & the Golden Age of Hollywood
Scott Poole, Prof. Hist., CofC
2:30 Grafting Camellias
Sydney Frasier, Master of Horticulture, Middleton Place

November 3
1:00 Middle East: A Mess – Is There Any Hope?
John Creed, Prof. Pol. Sci., CofC
2:30 Oman: The Unknown Middle East Country
Ed and Nancy Norberg, CCR Members

November 10
1:00 Evolution of Mary Through the Ages
Robert Westerfelhaus, Prof. Communications, CofC
2:30 Recycling & Resources…The Big Picture
Bronwyn Santos, CHS County Environmental Management Dept.

November 17
1:00 Growth in the Tri-County Region
Frank Hefner, Prof. Econ., CofC
2:30 Two Fascinating Cities: Suzhou, China, and Lhasa, Tibet
Maxwell Mowry, CCR Member

November 24
Thanksgiving Break

December 1
1:00 Women in Afghanistan
Penelope Travis, Prof. Chem., Ret’d, The Citadel, Trident
2:30 East Meets West: Music of the Oud
Peter Kfoury, Chiropractor and Musician

December 8
1:00 Luncheon and Social