Coming attractions April 28, 2015


Secret Societies:  Myth and Reality

Frank Karpiel, author of Charleston’s Historic Cemeteries and Professor of History, The Citadel

 Secret societies often appear in today’s popular culture, ranging from Dan Brown’s occult mysteries to the historical conspiracies depicted in National Treasure and other films.  Even those who don’t know anything about the secret societies have some inkling of their symbolism – ranging from skull and bones to the unfinished pyramid and the all-seeing eye on the dollar bill.  This presentation will explore some of the real stories of the activities of secret societies that will be just as surprising as the fictional treatments.


The Ceramic Artist

Fiorenzo Beradozzi, Ceramic Artist, Owner/Member of Cone Ten Studios

Our presenter will discuss the artist’s journey from his birth in a small town in Italy to his present day expression as a member of the art community of Charleston.

Next week is the luncheon. If planning to attend you must make a reservation and pay $15. Luncheon will be plated and we will not be able to serve those who have not reserved and paid.
The Center for Creative Retirement (CCR) invites individuals from diverse backgrounds to make presentations on a wide array of topics.  The viewsand opinions expressed by these presenters are not necessarily those of either CCR or The College of Charleston.**