Coming Attractions January 27

January 27, 2015

1:00  Beekeeping in the Lowcountry

Woody and Gail Weatherford, Owners of Bees R Us Bee Farm

The Weatherfords will discuss –

            The origin of bees and beehives

            Bees then and now

            The different bees in a hive and their jobs

            The different kinds of honey you harvest at different times 
            of  year and the taste that is unique to each type 

            The things you can make with bee products.


2:30  Political Realities in South Carolina Today

Andy Brack, Statehouse Reporter and Publisher

Brack will outline historical, political, tax and other trends to highlight the pickle South Carolina lawmakers face as they try to move the state forward.  His talk will be wide-ranging on issues from taxes and ethic reform to what’s going to happen at the Statehouse in the year ahead.