Study Group October meetings

Study group for October  8, 15, 22, 29, 2014
Wednesdays  1:30- 3:30
Sherman House Activity Room- 1635 Wallenberg Rd.

Science and Religion
– DVD Series of 12 lectures led by Professor Lawrence M Principe,  professor of the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology and Professor of Chemistry at The Johns Hopkins University.   He will describe how science and religion are different and how are they similar in terms of questions, methods and sources of knowledge.   And reveal they have more in common than is generally believed.    Famous cases of Galileo and Darwin are examined as well as recent documents and events bring our discussions down to the present day.

Oct. 8
Science and Religion
The Warfare Thesis
Faith and Reason – Scripture and Nature

Oct. 15
God and Nature – Miracles and Demons
Church, Copernicus, and Galileo
Galileo’s Trial

Oct. 22
God the Watchmaker
Natural Theology and Arguments from Design
Geology, Cosmology, and Biblical Chronology

Oct. 29
Darwin and Responses to Evolution
Fundamentalism and Creationism
Past, Present and Future